Chocolates and Stockists

The chocolates are always made for Christmas and Easter, and craft fairs, and also to order for special
occasions and weddings.

As well as the seasonal items like Christmas baubles and Easter eggs other chocolate items include:

Large and small bars, various truffles, fruit and nut clusters, panned chocolate coated nuts, and a large range of filled chocolates. The chocolate ingredients are from the highest quality suppliers such as Callebaut or Cacao Barry using all the available chocolate types – dark, milk, white, ruby and the new Callebaut dark and milk non-dairy chocolates. Other flavoured and coloured chocolate ingredients are used incuding caramel, coffee and gold.

Also available are a vegan selection of chocolates, bars and truffles.

The chocolates are available direct from Barbara or at local craft fairs including Durham, Middlesbrough, Castle Eden, Norton and South Causey Inn at Stanley.

Our Chocolate Boxes

Please note our chocolates are made using fresh ingredients and have a six week shelf life.

We make the chocolates for Easter and Christmas.

Our Selections

Custom selections of 12 or 24 chocolates may be ordered by contacting our website or the CONTACT US page below. We will confirm price and availability before taking your order. The cost is £15.00 for 12 chocolates, £30.00 for 24 chocolates and £3.95 for 1st Class postage.

Our Chocolate Menu

BeetoBean on Parade

Boxed chocolate selections

Need Something More Custom?

Chocolates are very popular for wedding favours, and we work with the customer to select the flavours, boxes and colour schemes. Boxed chocolates are also created to order for Corporate gifts and special occasions.